The Rules

Barnham and Eastergate Community Lottery Rules

For a payment of just £10 each month, you will be entered into a draw of which the maximum membership will be 200. Each monthly draw will have one prize of up to £1,000 (or 50% of the total membership for the month if there are less than 200 members). If there are less than 100 members a minimum prize of £500 is guaranteed.

The Lottery will be strictly limited to 200 members. For the modest contribution of £10 a month you will not only be supporting the valuable work of Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust but also giving yourself the chance of winning up to £1,000.

Payments can be made by 6 month or annual cheques made out to 'Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust' or by BACS. Most people pay by Standing Order which can be done online or by post to your bank.

  1. The 'Lottery' will be operated under The Gambling Act 2005 as a Small Society Lottery.
  2. Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust reserves the right to amend the rules of 'The Lottery' from time to time, as may be necessary. A copy of the current rules will be available on request from the promoter.
  3. All profits made by 'The Lottery' will be used within Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust for the purposes as described within their constitution (copy available upon request), including the continued expansion of our community halls and recreational facilities on Murrells Field, Barnham, our community events and indeed in the wider community of Barnham and Eastergate.
  4. The lottery will be limited to 200 members over the age of 16 years.
  5. The subscription will be £10 per month, payable by no later than the 12th of the month (or 6 monthly or annually in a single payment of £60 or £120 upon joining, and every due date thereafter). On receipt of payment or a standing order, the applicant will be allocated a Draw Number. For each additional £10 payment paid per month an additional Draw Number is allocated.
  6. A draw will take place on the last Wednesday of the month, alternatively during the morning of the weekly Wednesday coffee morning held at Barnham Community Hall/Eastergate Village Hall or if a large event such as Quiz Night or Film Night is near the end of the month. If the winner is not at the draw the winner will then be notified by letter or phone and the result of the draw will be posted on this Lottery website  name only and with the winner’s permission.
  7. The draw will be conducted by 3 people, one of whom will be a member of Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust.
  8. No 'Lottery' participant will be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received by the 12th day of the month in which the draw is taking place. The promoter reserves the right to reallocate any number where payment has not been received on time.
  1. Prizes will be paid by cheque, which will be sent through the post and only to the person holding the winning number.
  2. In the event of there being less than 200 participants in any one month, the prize money paid out will be 50% of the actual number of members at the time of the draw.
  3. Participants can cancel their entry in the Lottery at any time by giving one month's written notice to the

Promoter (and if paying by Standing Order, they should also advise their bank). Any decision by Barnham Community and Eastergate Community Trust to wind up the Club will also be by one month's written notice. Under no circumstances can any payments be refunded.

Barnham and Eastergate Community Trust Charity no. 1170248

Nina-Maria McMaster, Eastergate Village Hall, Barnham Road, Eastergate, West Sussex, PO20 3RP

Tel 07849 356097